docker container restarting

docker container restarting | docker restart sudo systemctl restart docker docker run restart on boot $ docker run -d –restart unless-stopped <image> docker run restart always $ docker run –restart=always redis docker why my container start on reboot docker update –restart=no $(docker ps -a -q) docker restart container docker restart CONTAINER_ID Topics related to “docker … Read more

python os path join

python os path join | python join paths import os # Join paths using OS import. Takes any amount of arguments path = os.path.join(‘/var/www/public_html’, ‘./app/’, “.\\my_file.json”) print(path) # /var/www/public_html/app/myfile.json join in pathlib path # The correct operator to extend a pathlib object is / from pathlib import Path dir_path = Path(‘directory’) subdir_path = dir_path / … Read more

blocky roblox avatar

how to change the player’s avatar to the blocky in roblox while true do wait() c=game.Workspace:getChildren() for i = 1, #c do cc=c[i]:getChildren() for ii = 1, #cc do if cc[ii].className==”CharacterMesh” then cc[ii]:Remove() end end end end Topics related to “blocky roblox avatar”

git stash apply

git stas hauntracked files git stash –include-untracked git apply stash git stash apply stash@{0} git stash apply item git stash apply stash@{index} git stash clean command git stash clear git stash pop index git stash pop stash@{2} git view stash git stash show -p stash@{1} Topics related to “git stash apply”

Laravel collection of keys

We use the collect for creating a new collection from array, run the strtoupper function on each element, also remove all empty elements: In this article I will show you laravel eloquent keys example. We will also implement a laravel keys collection. The keys() method will help to create new collection of collection keys. I will give you … Read more